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Functional Medicine from Our Holladay Chiropractor

When you think about how many systems, components and individual parts go into your body -- and how your body, mind and emotions all combine to create your current state of health and wellness -- you begin to see the value of a medical practitioner who addresses the whole person and not just one symptom or isolated body part, both in sickness and in health. This is functional medicine, an evidence-based, integrative approach to healing that helps you enjoy your best possible health at all times. Our Holladay chiropractor at Genesis Chiropractic and Wellness, Dr. Fries, is proud to offer this approach to health-seekers just like you.

What exactly is functional medicine? At its core, it is the science of treating the patient instead of just treating his illness or injury. Modern medicine has become sadly limited and reactive in the way patients are treated, with treatment focused on dealing with the acute, immediate symptoms instead of the many factors that may be contributing to the underlying cause. A hypertensive patient, for example, might simply receive pills to lower his blood pressure instead of removing the other problems that led to the high blood pressure in the first place. By contrast, functional medicine might consider the patient's stress levels, emotional state, dietary intake (including potential toxins), muscular tension, family medical history and nerve function, providing treatments aimed at addressing as many of these issues as possible for deeper, more wide-ranging results.

Functional medicine is also about discovering which essential wellness elements the body is lacking so our chiropractor in Holladay can add them. If, say, you're not providing yourself with the right mix of nutrients in the right quantities, your body cannot operate normally or repair itself adequately in the face of disease or injury. In this case, nutritional counseling, dietary changes or even a weight loss program could work wonders to relieve chronic health complaints and help you maintain optimal wellness.

Ask Our Chiropractor in Holladay How You Can Feel and Function Better

Another important aspect of functional medicine is its emphasis on patient-centered care. Our chiropractor in Holladay communicates with you, listens to your concerns and experiences, and develops a detailed understanding of how you came to your current state of wellness. This allows us to provide truly individualized and comprehensive care using a number of healing techniques. In addition to the nutritional counseling noted above, chiropractic adjustment can correct your skeletal alignment, relieving soft tissue strain and improving your nervous system's ability to relay signals and govern systemic functions. Massage therapy enhances circulation, cellular repair and immune response even as a variety of other supportive therapies work together to help you get well and stay well long after your current health problem is resolved.

Functional medicine is all about feeling your best and functioning at peak levels for life. If you're ready to experience it for yourself, call 801-676-0243 and schedule a consultation!

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